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Water for Life

What is Water for Life

Water for Life is a concentrated hydroplasma product easily transformed into biogenic water. With the help of this unique product, it is possible to create biogenic water with the concentration of hydroplasma hundreds and thousands of times higher than the level registered in the best natural water sources of our planet! This water possesses biogenic memory, the only form of water that can return the human body to its original state, structure, and the original wave processes as conceived by Nature.

Biogenic Water

Dr. Inyushin has discovered how to return water to the state of biogenic water, with a large number of hydro-plasma and biogenic memory. Biogenic water creates the right acidity inside the human body and purifies the body of any substances and microorganisms that are harmful to the body. This way of cleansing is much faster and stronger than any existing methods.

Biogenic water naturally contains structurally organized hydroplasma, capable of suppressing viral and bacterial infections; it restores blood, purifies lymph and possesses preventive and curative properties. It is about this water that our ancestors made legends.

Incredible Benefits

Biogenic water made from hydro-plasma concentrate benefits the entire body, removes effects of stress, improves neuro-dynamics and functional activity of the brain. It optimizes the body's defenses, promotes removal of toxins, radionuclides, harmful organic compounds harmful to organisms, improves immunity, and ensures normalization of vital functions.

Crucial for Your Body

Inside the human body, absorbed by intestines, biogenic water converts into bioplasma, which is crucial for all body functions. Consumption of this water speeds up recovery and raises vitality, as shown in animal and human studies in labs of India and Kazakhstan. As a result of the process of healing of cell membranes, a rejuvenation of the tissue structures of the human body is taking place.

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Drink Living Water

Water for Life is a hydro-plasmic matrix of healing water that increases the degree of biological activity of any water (fluid), changes its structure, and creates structured bioplasma with the energy-intensive biogenic memory of "living water."

Healing Your Cells

Thanks to possessing a strong biological membrane-stimulating component, biogenic water is easily assimilated by a living cell, increasing membrane permeability, enhancing oxidation-reduction processes in mitochondria and antioxidant action of the cell. As a result of the healing of cell membranes, a rejuvenation of the tissue structures of the human body is taking place.


That's why the products of our company IMAGINE PEOPLE, the brainchild of many years of research by Dr. Inyushin, are truly LIVING WATERS in the full sense of this word. Products from Imagine People have no parallel on the world's market.