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History & Science

Victor inyushin

Russian scientist, professor, Doctor of biophysics and biochemistry, the Head of the department of biophysics and biochemistry of the Kazakh University, Victor Mihailovich Inyushin, is well-known in Russia and abroad. He began to research water in depth in early 60's.

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Water Memory


Biophysics around the world were actively discussing the phenomenon of "memory of water," because a lot of data had already been accumulated by that time regarding the fact that the water remembers certain electromagnetic, sound effects, etc. But how can water preserve memory? At the molecular level? At the atomic level?

At the Physics Department of the University of Alma-Ata, the phenomenon of “memory of water” was studied in depth.

It was found during the research that inside the water beside memory, at an even deeper level there is plasma. These are charges and neutral particles, which give water the opportunity to become an anti-entropic structure - to lower the entropy. The notion of plasma as the fourth aggregate state consisting of elementary particles, without molecules, and without atoms, was already known at that time. And then scientists under the leadership of Inyushin introduced the concept of hydro plasma.


It turns out that in this state the water molecules are immersed in a plasma medium. And this plasma environment gives water the opportunity to exist as a stable structure. Moreover, a living organism derives from it free energy for its activity. After all, in addition to nutrition, we also need the water energy of hydro plasma. Where does this energy come from and why it stays?

The fact is that hydro plasma is a matrix of memory that accumulates information from the external environment. Then it transforms the structural modifications of plasma particles and then gives them to the living organism: membranes and cells.

Water on Pines

Canoeing through Space


Scientists from the Inyushin team conducted the first large experiment at a research site of the Indian Ministry of Defense which lasted for almost two months. In the course of this experiment, they showed how hydro plasma affects all water properties, including after using powerful poisons as chemical weapons. The level of toxicity due to hydro plasma was reduced almost two to three times, which surprised Indian scientists. They immediately expressed the desire to apply this property to the industrial production of artificial silk, in the manufacturing technology of which water becomes chemically poisoned. Subsequently, drinking water with the addition of hydro plasma was experimentally used by workers employed in harmful industries. They began to feel better; they had an increased appetite, accumulated toxins began to cleanse.

When a group of scientists led by Inyushin discovered the presence of water memory, discovered the existence of hydro plasma, work began on creating a technology for obtaining hydro plasma from natural water. This technology was created and now we have hydro plasma in the form of a finished product:

Semipalatinsk Phenomen

At the end of the last century, some dramatic events took place in the country that significantly accelerated and deepened the research Dr. Inyushin' and his team were involved in.

At military bases near the city of Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan, where nuclear weapon tests were conducted, multiple outbreaks of cancer were noted among people who lived in this area. Multiple cases of cancer raised public awareness, started movements of protests, demanded government intervention. Dr. Inyushin got involved studying the water in the area of the Semipalatinsk test sites.

Based on the knowledge, that he acquired in the previous studies in his laboratory, he and his team found out that although the water in the vicinity of the polygon is absolutely perfect and pure from the molecular point of view, there was no hydro plasma present in it. This finding confirmed his observations - nuclear tests are only one of the technogenic factors that lead to the destruction of bio plasma and the transformation of water into pathogenic water.

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New Era of Hydroplasma Restoration

Since that time his work in the field of restoration of hydro-plasma in drinking water has been done on a much larger scale and led to the establishment of entire industry of accumulation of hydro plasma in the drinking to compensate for man-made destruction of this valuable component.

Structured Water or Hydroplasma?

Recently, Dr. Inyushin was asked in what way Dr. Pollack’s structured water (author of “The Fourth Phase of Water” and the greatest authority on the theory of water) differed from his water. “Our Hydro plasma is different in its fundamental property – anti-entropic structure, i.e. it lowers the level of chaos (in water – editor’s note) up to a negative value. Instead of chaos – complete order in the crystalized plasma particles, where as our American colleague is studying the so-called low entropy and most of its hydro plasma is ruined. It is entirely different energy structure of water”, was his answer.

Fifth State of Matter

Excerpts from a report by an American scientist, K. Miller: “Dr. Victor Inyushin at Kazakh University in Russia has done extensive research with plasma and the human energy field since the 1950s. Using the results of these experiments, he suggests the existence of bioplasmic energy field composed of ions, free protons and free electrons. Since this is a state distinct from the four known states of matter solid, liquid, gases and plasma (by the way Liquid Crystal Diodes fall into this new category as they are neither solid nor liquid). Inyushin suggests that the bioplasmic energy field is a fifth state of matter."

Hydroplasma – Geoplasma – Bioplasma

"Dr. Inyushin went further into plasma research to determine that there is a form of plasma associated with the earth, which he named geoplasma, a form found in water, which he named hydro plasma and that within a living organism, which he named bio plasma. Once consumed in water, hydro plasma becomes incorporated into the living being as bio plasma."

Psi- bio plasma exist?

Glass receiving a shot of water

Part of Inyushin’s Interview to the New York's daily New World on March 31, 2000

Q: Viktor Mikhailovich, «Does it mean that there is a connection between science and religion judging by what you have said? » Biblical commandments, prayers, loving your neighbor - this is the energy of positive thoughts, which creates around the believer a densified bio plasma that protects from many misfortunes?

A: Of course, all the biblical commandments have a rational basis and are associated with a great experience of human interaction with the biological environment. In general, I believe that spirituality and education are the most powerful factors in stabilizing and balancing society. From a bioenergetic point of view, the spiritual potential is a highly structured psi- bio plasma consisting of light particles with a very complex wave form, surprisingly beautiful. It has a very large range of action and protection.

Today I am convinced that in fact all the policies of the new century need to be built on a psychoenergetic, bioenergy and energy basis.

The energy that exists in society must be changed; it is inadequate, it causes degradation. And degradation is expressed in those very things that we have completely vainly tried to eradicate with the help of bombs. Mental degradation is the most terrible thing, its manifestations: drug addiction, alcoholism, fanaticism, lack of spirituality.

Q: So Pythagoras was right when he taught "to involve divine inspiration" with prayers and good deeds, which, in his opinion, could transform Greece?

A: Unfortunately, the Greeks did not listen.