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Absolute Energy


A new product, "Absolute Energy" is the latest scientific breakthrough in the company's research and is based on anti-entropic qualities of bioplasma. Absolute Energy is a special kind of hydro-plasma — a matrix for proper cell hydration. Its unique properties are based on the multi-vector nature of this kind of hydro plasma.

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Inside the human body, it converts into a powerful source of energy — free energy with an unparalleled level of equilibrium. Its presence harmonizes the structure of various liquids inside the body. Absolute Energy improves stamina, endurance, and aids in longevity by increasing the elasticity of muscular and other kinds tissues. It initiates regeneration and renewal of clusters of hydro-plasma inside the central and peripheral nervous systems. Regular intake of Absolute Energy increases the bioenergetics potential of the living body.

Vital energy supply

“People and all living beings are constantly in the ocean of vital energy, without which the existence of any organism is impossible.

Additional energy supplied with the Absolute Energy into the body, serves as a natural compensator, which rehabilitates the cells from destroying consequences of excessive oxidative process and constantly stimulates antioxidant processes in the body, which in turn hamper the formation of free radicals, protect our body from numerous diseases, irreversible mutation and rapid aging.

When drinking biogenic water, the person increases the energy potential effortlessly and achieves results that are difficult even to achieve with the most professional yoga classes, therapeutic fasting, or use of other healing techniques. Accordingly, the powerful human energy that is being formed contributes to the restoration of energy supply to the body. At the same time, the existing blockages of energy in the energy channels are being gradually eliminated.”

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That's why the products of our company, IMAGINE PEOPLE, the brainchild of many years of research by Dr. Inyushin, are truly LIVING WATERS in the full sense of this word. Products from Imagine People have no parallel on the world's market.

NExt generation healing in action

Biogenic water made from hydro plasma concentrate has anti-hepatitis properties, removes effects of stress, improving neuro-dynamics and functional activity of the brain. It optimizes the body's defenses, promotes removal of toxins, radionuclides, harmful organic compounds harmful to organisms, improves immunity, and ensures normalization of vital functions. The entire human body benefits greatly from daily usage of water with the highest concentration of hydro plasma.

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“I first heard about the product “Water for Life” in the summer of 2017, went on internet, read a lot about it - it seemed enticing and promising. No negative effects! Why not to try it. So, I got my first bottle in July of 2017 from a local distributor. Since that time I have been using it regularly and became “attached” to it. I feel more energy, mood swings have gone, I feel more resilient to infections, can exercise more than before without feeling exhausted. I benefit on all levels and feel more “protected” against colds and elements. I would say that It gives me more life force. My gratitude goes to Dr. Inyshin who came up with this invention and definitely to those who make it available for us in the US."
- Irina S. late 70's.

"I am currently under observation by a number of holistic professionals for multiple health issues. One of them, with obvious clairvoyant abilities, noticed that my hidden radiation that's been stored in the body ever since Chernobyl, started leaving my body. Multiple previous methods and efforts didn't result in removal of radiation. Additionally, I have noticed that I no longer have dairy allergy - my body stopped producing postnasal drip after I eat dairy.
Also, if I feel a cold is about to develop, I drink a glass of hydrolasma enhanced water and put hydroplasma drops into my nose and within hours the cold gradually goes away. I am very glad that I discovered this amazing product."
- Jenny, Chicago

"In the past two months that I have been using Water for Life I have experienced multiple benefits of this product on my body and mind: PMS migraines went away, the period itself is painless (I used to have both migraines and sever cramps). I take water instead of painkillers during my periods now.
I used to get cystitis every time I walked barefoot on cold surface or go to a swimming pool. I haven’t had instances of it ever since I started taking “Water for Life”. I noticed an increase in endurance – I don’t get tired and my emotional state is much more stable.
My allergies went away – I had an issue with stuffed nose due to allergies. The nose breathing improved in two weeks after I started taking “Water for life”. Also, as soon as I get sick I put several drops of the product into my nose and the cold goes away.
I also noticed a positive effect of “Water for Life” on my meditation practice. Also, if I apply water on my chakras that I work with during the meditation, the effect of the meditation is much deeper."
- Natalia 36, Chicago

(Note: the person below Rena is a health provider and has her own scanning/testing device and she is using it to access the effects of hydroplasma)

"I just did my scan. I see huge improvement for taking this water only for 3 days. I am glad my device shows it. Especially it shows the energy fields. I was looking for something like this to find me.
Everything looks energetically better numbers and liver the most.
Mitochondria too...so it really helps cells.... I like to keep checking that especially when I try some new product... It is really good ... if it goes this well it looks like it could help with my Lyme.... I have Lyme on scan... and it moved a lot so it is less active."
- Rena, Chicago