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The Healing Effects of Hydro-Plasma

"When people discover the plasmatic state of water molecules, they will forget about any disease and will think about how to preserve youthful state for many years."  Nicola Tesla (a Physicist, Inventor, Futurist, Visionary), 1892

Scientists have been engaged in the study of the properties of water for many years, and have noticed many special characteristics. These observations have stressed the important role of water in body functions, but it has been difficult to explain what lies behind these special characteristics. It is, in fact, hydro-plasma that determines all the special characteristics of water.

What is Hydro-Plasma?

It is a special state of matter that is formed not by molecules or atoms; it is formed by plasma particles. Dr. Inyushin, a biophysicist at Kazakhstan State University, began to study the nature of the biogenic memory of water and discovered plasma in the second part of the 20th century. Once consumed in water by a living organism, hydro-plasma becomes incorporated into the body as bioplasma.

Living Water

The living water of lakes and rivers water possesses a certain supply of such elementary particles, or plasma structures that allows water to purify itself. Thanks to these structures, the purification of water takes place. That's why before human interference, the water was not infected with bacteria or with microorganisms and toxins because it constantly cleansed itself.

Imagine People

Hydroplasma – the fifth state of water structurally organized with amazing properties

Hydroplasma - clusters of free energy of unprecedented power where water memory is stored

Hydroplasma - the building block and the foundation of every living cell, including human intellect

The way to create the hydro plasma hundreds and thousands of times higher than any water sources of our planet has been found!

It is right here! It can be yours!

Dr. Inyushin

The Loss of Hydro-Plasma in Modern Water

"If we lose hydro-plasma in nature, if we do not make every effort to restore and save it, we will lose our civilization." — Dr. Inyushin

Numerous negative impacts of our civilization on the aquatic environment have contributed to active destruction and disappearance of this vital biogenic hydro-plasma in water. This led to the phenomenon of "pathogenic" (acting fatal to all living things) water, causing numerous diseases.

An Incredible Breakthrough

Based on the discovery of hydro-plasma and understanding of bioplasma, Dr. Inyushin and his scientific team developed a method to produce concentrated hydro-plasma and to regenerate or recreate it. This is a very complicated process, using bioplasma generators in a certain combination with electromagnetic and acoustic wave effects. This breakthrough came as a result of twenty years of research in the field of biophysics, human ecology, and medicine.

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